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Detailed Review: Billing Accuracy

Personnel Utilization

Verify that the personnel agreed to in the task order are the personnel used to do the work. Compare the invoice details to the contract cost proposal and personnel requests:

  • Match the employee names on the invoice to the employee names in the contract cost proposal. Do not accept aliases or nicknames.
  • Match the employee classification to the invoice.
  • For each employee listed on the invoice, verify that the wage on the invoice matches the wages on the contract cost proposal.
  • Compare the Hourly Billing Rates on the contract cost proposal to the straight time and overtime rates on the invoice.
  • Check if prevailing wages apply and if so, ensure prevailing wage documentation is included with the invoice. The prevailing wage rates must be consistent with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requirements, and supported by certified payroll and fringe benefit statements.
  • Confirm the hours listed on the invoice reflect what was reported on the timesheets.
  • Make sure the invoice does not cover work performed outside the period of performance of the task order or contract.

The prevailing wage rates paid by the consultant must be consistent with the rates shown for the particular prevailing wage classification on the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) website and supported by the certified payroll and fringe benefit statements.

If certified payroll or fringe benefit statement are missing, incomplete or inaccurate, or there are problems with any other items listed on this page, notify the consultant that payment will not be made until the deficiencies are corrected. Dispute the invoice if the consultant does not rectify the problem quickly.