Invoice Procedures : AMS Advantage Processing Details : View Contract Information

View Contract Information

  1. Click "Search" on the Secondary Navigation Panel on the left hand side
  2. Select "Document Catalog"
  3. Type "TO" in the Code field (TO = Task Orders)
  4. Type "2660" in the Dept field (2660 = Caltrans)
  5. Type "04*your contract number*" in the ID field (ex. 04*3629*)
  6. Press Enter
  7. Can view contract status (submitted or rejected)
  8. Select your contract
  9. Select the info you want to view on the Secondary Navigation Panel
    1. Header
      1. General information: Actual Amount (encumbrance amount), Closed  Amount (expenditure spent), Open Amount (encumbrance available)

TO - 2660 - 04A3629TO#ALL - 35 - Modification - Historical (Final)

    1. Vendor
      1. Vendor Customer ID, Legal Name, Address, Contact Number

Fund Split

  1. Go to the Page Code field (top right hand corner) and type in "FPIBFY" for Support Funding Profiles, then press Enter
  2. Choose "Search"
  3. In the pop up search window, enter your project number, then press Enter or click "OK" (ex. Project Number 0400000817 or 04*0817 = EA 2A320X)

Windows Internet Explorer Search of http://www.ctpass.dot.ca.gov

  1. The Funding Profile Inference grid will come up with all of the phases for each Budget Year
  2. Write down or copy (Ctrl C) the Funding Profile number for the phase and Budget Year that you are concerned with (ex. Z34314 for Phase 0 in 2013)

BFY Funding Profile Inference

  1. Go to Page Code field and type in "FPRFLST" for Funding Profile Select
  2. Type in or paste (Ctrl + V) your Funding Profile number, press enter

Funding Profile Select


Funding Profile Select

  1. Select "View Funding Profile"
  2. Select the "Funding Line" on the left Secondary Navigation Panel
  3. Shows fund split percentage. Select the appropriate line that you want to view and open up the Front-end split section

Funding Profile

  1. View the Fund, Appr Unit, and PEC to determine the fund type

State of California Department of Transportation Receiver Form FA-1226A