Invoice Procedures : AMS Advantage Processing Details : Encumbrances


  1. Go to your contract
  2. Select "Accounting" on the Secondary Navigation Panel on the left hand side
  3. Each accounting line is associated with a project number or program fund; The Line Amount is the encumbrance amount for that project or program fund; Line Closed Amount is the expenditure amount; Line Open Amount is the available encumbrance
  4. Event Type: C401 = Project encumbrance C403 = Program encumbrance C404 = Future Year Project Encumbrance C406 = Future Year Program Encumbrance
  5. Budget Year and Fiscal Year (current year) are shown under General Information
  6. If the accounting line is for project encumbrance (C401 or C404), the project number is shown under the Detail Accounting section
  7. If the accounting line is for program encumbrance (C403 or C406), the program fund type is shown under the Fund Accounting and Detail Accounting sections
  8. Click "Next" to see more lines
  9. Click on a line you want to view (ex. Line 25), then click "Posting" on the Secondary Navigation Panel. The Line Amount is broken down by fund types. Fund types can be determined by looking at the Fund Accounting and Detail Accounting.

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