Invoice Procedures : Knowledge Check

Module 5 Knowledge Check

  1. In accordance with the California Prompt Payment Act, a properly submitted, undisputed invoices must be paid within how many calendar days of receipt?





  2. If an invoice is incomplete or disputed, Caltrans must notify the consultant in writing within how many working days of invoice receipt of any disputed items in the invoice package? The contract manager completes an invoice dispute form to the consultant.





  3. Each invoice must be accompanied by a cover sheet and contract summary, which may be the same, as well as other supporting documentation. Which answer is incorrect concerning all invoices submitted by the consultant?

    In triplicate

    In accordance with the terms of the contract

    In a timely manner, as defined in the contract

    With a copy of the contract

  4. A contract summary provides high-level details about the status of the contract. The information on the summary is used to verify that the consultant's records match Caltrans' records. The contract summary may include task order details also. (True or False).



  5. When a consulting firm wants to add personnel, change an employee's name, or revise an employee's classification what form is required?

    Personal Request Form

    ADM 360


    Amended Statement of Qualification (SOQ)

  6. The Davis-Bacon Act is a federal law requiring that workers be paid "prevailing wages" on public works projects. Caltrans requires the consultant to pay at least the prevailing wage for any contracts that fall within the Labor Code definition of "public works." Where can you go to obtain assistance with prevailing wage requirements?

    Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) website

    District Labor Compliance Officer

    DPAC A&E Coordinator

    All the above

  7. Who signs the receiver (receiving record) before sending it to Accounting? Accounting uses the receiver (receiving record) to process the invoice for payment.

    Task Order Manager

    Contract Manager

    DPAC Coordinator

    DPAC Scheduler

  8. The consultant progress report is a summary of the work completed during the billing (performance) period reported on the invoices and also set expectations of the work to be completed in the next performance period. (True or False).



  9. What document summarizes the previous, current and total amounts billed for each task order included in the current period of performance?

    Prime consultants cost report

    Subcontract consultants cost report

    Other Direct Cost (ODC) report

    Invoice cover sheet

  10. When an invoice contains work covered under prevailing wage requirements and is submitted to Caltrans, what must the consultant include for each individual?

    Certified payroll records

    Fringe benefit statement

    Statement of Compliance, Certified payroll records and the fringe benefit statement

    Only the payroll records such as a timesheet