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Prompt Closeout

A contract is ready for closeout when all the work it covers has been completed according to the contract terms. Caltrans’ prompt closeout process includes resolving the monetary details, evaluating the consultant’s performance, and wrapping up the documentation.

Prompt closeout steps:

  1. Review the contract task order log or contract spreadsheet/database to make sure all task orders have been closed out. Remind the consultant of contract expiration date, and that work performed after the expiration date will not be reimbursed.
  2. Review final deliverables to see that they are complete and delivered as expected.
  3. Resolve administrative issues.
  4. Review and approve final invoices to authorize final payment.
  5. Disencumber any unused contract funds.
  6. Complete Consultant Evaluation ADM-2031
  7. Complete CEM-2402F, Final Report - Utilization of DBE, if applicable
  8. Complete all Documentation Requirements