Closeout & Post-Performance : Final Invoice Approval

Final Invoice Approval

Rubber stamp reading "paid"Approval of the final invoice constitutes formal acceptance of contract completion. When all administrative and audit issues are resolved, the CM signs the final invoice and forwards it to accounting for payment.

  • Make sure to consider whether the consultant is due any bonus payment or, conversely, if any penalties should be assessed, as specified in the contract.

    If there are any disputed items, the CM has 15 working days to notify the consultant. Remember that the Prompt Payment Act requires state agencies to pay all undisputed invoices (or parts of invoices) within 45 calendar days of invoice receipt.

  • Provide the consultant with formal written notice that the contract has been completed.

Caltrans receives legal title to the products and services it accepts. For example, when a product is delivered to Caltrans, the CM accepts the product, signs the invoice, and the product now belongs to Caltrans.

More information is available on the Caltrans intranet. See the Prompt Payment Manual at: