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Complete the Final Consultant Evaluation

The Code of Federal Regulations, 23 CFR Part 172.13 (4) (b) requires that the consultant's performance must be evaluated by the State's employee who is in responsible charge of the contract. For all A&E contracts, the contract manager completes the required evaluation with input from functional units.

Consultant evaluations are especially important to the A&E contracting process. Evaluations are used not only to determine if the consultant has performed well on this particular contract, but could also be used to determine in the future if the consultant is a good fit for another contract.

See Consultant Relationships: Terms and Conditions for contract expectations.

Each evaluation is completed using the Performance Evaluation Form (ADM 2031). There are various templates to use based on the type of goals on the contract (no goals, DBE goals, or DVBE goals).

The evaluation may discuss topics that are specific to the nature of the work or project. Avoid including opinions and only provide factual events to substantiate the ratings.

The CM should solicit feedback on each topic from others who were involved with the contract.

To complete the final evaluation for an A&E consultant:

  1. Within 60 days after contract completion or termination, complete the ADM 2031 evaluation form.
    ADM 2031 – Performance Evaluation Form
    Instructions for completing the ADM 2031 form
  2. Send a copy of the ADM 2031 to the prime consultant, allowing 15 working days for the consultant to respond in writing.
  3. Send the ADM 2031 and the consultant's response to DPAC, and keep a copy in the contract file.