Closeout & Post-Performance : Post-Closeout : Update and Retain Records

Update and Retain Records

If you are not sure how long to keep or where to store a procurement record, contact your division records officer or the departmental records officer in the Office of Business Services.

After the final consultant payment has been processed, close the contract file and store the records according to your district’s procedures. The record retention schedule maintained by your district will detail the length of time required to maintain the documents in your office and when the documents are allowed to be destroyed.

Claims and disputes can occur on either Caltrans’ or the consultant's side. Caltrans may have defective work that needs correcting. The consultant may file a claim for nonpayment of some item that is not discovered during closeout. You need easy access to the contract records in case of litigation or if a consultant files a claim or dispute.

The consultant is also required to retain contract records for a period of time specified in the contract.

Prepare a complete set of indexed records to include with the final project records. Contract files must be kept locked up in drawers or file rooms.