Closeout & Post-Performance : Knowledge Check

Module 6 Knowledge Check

  1. Once a task order is completed, it can be closed out. Once all task orders covered by a single contract are completed, the contract must remain open for five years. (True or False).



  2. For specialized work areas, who completes the inspection and signs off on the final product?

    DPAC Analyst

    Contract Manager

    Functional Manager (FM) or Task Order Manager

    All the above

  3. Contract closeout involves both product verification and administrative closeout. (True or False).



  4. Caltrans' prompt closeout process consists of what task or tasks?

    Resolving the monetary details

    Evaluating the consultant's performance

    Completing the documentation

    All the above

  5. When all administrative and audit issues are resolved, approval of the final invoice constitutes formal acceptance of contract completion. Who is responsible for signing the final invoice and forwarding it to accounting for final payment?

    Functional Manager (FM)

    DPAC Analyst

    Contract Manager

    Task Order Manager

  6. Caltrans receives legal title to the products and services it accepts. If a consultant bought a laptop computer with Caltrans funds under Other Direct Costs (ODC), does the laptop now belong to Caltrans? (Yes or No).



  7. During Post-Closeout, when should the Contract Manager disencumber remaining funds?

    Only when contract is totally complete

    When funds are identified to release from commitment

    When the final invoice is disputed

    Only when the contract is archived

  8. What is the form number for Final Consultant Evaluation?

    ADM 360

    ADM 2031

    ADM 2028

    ADM 2027

  9. A post audit is an examination of a consultant's financial records, bookkeeping procedures, and accounting system. The goal of post audit is to determine whether the costs claimed are:
    in compliance with State and federal laws and regulations, in accordance with contract language and what other requirement or requirements?



    Allocable (traceable to the proper cost account)

    All the above

  10. Where can the Contract Manager (CM) find the detailed requirements for the length of time required to maintain the documents in CM's office and when the documents are allowed to be destroyed?

    DPAC Scheduler

    Must be retained for 3 years

    District record retention schedule

    Must be retained for 7 years